The Mindful Culture Initiative

The Mindful Culture Initiative is a unique initiative where we help organisations imbibe a culture of mindfulness. We work hand in hand with our partners and use scientifically proven methods to integrate a culture of mindfulness in organizations. Research and data is used to understand where our partners stand and their needs for a mindful workplace. We create customised programs that will help companies distinguish themselves from others, be more productive and have a healthy and happy working environment - backbone for any successful business.

The Mindful Schools Initiative

Mindfulness is a very easy, yet one of the most intriguing tools that helps manage emotions and handle stress. It has been proven to show that when children make mindfulness a part of their lives,they tend to make better decisions. We help students, teachers and administrators help create a culture in schools helping everyone be a better version of themselves.

The Mindful You Initiative

The Mindful You Initiative is designed specifically for individuals. We use evidence based methods to explore key mindfulness traits of an individual and how they can be incorporated into our daily lives. Our programs have helped individuals in managing their emotions, reduce stress levels, enhance their ability to deal with daily pressure situations, improve general health and finding more meaning and joy in our lives.

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