Episode 25: The Veda Teacher: Shantala Sriramaiah

Shantala Sriramaiah



In the 25th Episode of The Mindful Initiative, we speak to my Veda Chanting Teacher, Shantala Sriramaiah. Shantala teaches Vedic Chanting to people worldwide through her online portal Veda Studies. According to Shantala, Vedic Chants create positive vibrations, and these vibrations can uplift us, especially during challenging times. These vibrations originate in our abdomen and travel through our lungs. In the current times, we can use some of the vibrations for uplifting our spirit, create an anchor that can hold us through these extremely trying times. This episode may introduce Vedic Chanting to you and for others, it may serve as a reminder for you to get back to your chanting or keep chanting.

Our 25th Episode marks the 3 year anniversary of The Mindful Initiative Podcast. With so many of our friends, family, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts suffering, it is difficult to even use the word celebrate. However, I would like to take this moment to acknowledge and Thank all our listeners, who have been listening to us, providing constant feedback so we can keep delivering top-quality content. Thank you to all our previous guests for sharing your lives with us, our advisors, our most ardent volunteer Gita Venkataramaiah, Pranjali, Naureen and our Editor Juan Pablo Velasquez Luna.

About Shantala Sriramaiah

Shantala has been inspired by her mother Saroja, who taught chanting classes in their home for over 30 years, she is very grateful to the early exposure to Sanskrit chanting and Indian scriptures through her family tradition and school education. Born and raised in Bangalore, India, Shantala is an Engineer by qualification and enjoyed a 20-year career specializing in Learning & Development before making the change to Veda chanting classes to continue her family tradition. Her teaching draws from her previous experience, bringing structure, detail, and clear objectives and methodology to all the classes & courses. She has developed a unique system to accurately and completely transmit all the nuances of Vedic phonetics to help support students learn without error. She is a student of Sri M. S. Sreenivasan of The Challakere Brothers who has been guiding her Veda recitation practice and mentoring her teaching.

She lives in Brussels, Belgium with her husband and two small children.


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April 17, 2021


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